Accepted & Prohibited Items on Airlines

Prohibited Items in check-in and cabin:

Radioactive Materials
Corrosive Substances
Peroxides & Oxidizers
Flammable Liquids
Flammable Solids
All gases
Toxic & Infectious Substances
Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods
Click here to download the full detailed list of prohibited items as listed by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security.
Click here for more details on the transport of special items, travelling with children, person with medical conditions and differently abled.
Recent updates include restriction on carriage of liquids. According to the new regulations, carriage of liquids in cabin baggage is limited to 100 ml per container. Total amount of liquid should not exceed a litre. Further, the containers should be in a transparent and compact bag that can be packed right back into the cabin baggage, post-inspection.
If you are travelling with an infant, you are permitted to carry baby food, formula and any other necessity that you might need with you for the duration of the trip.