Sail from Venice to Civitavecchia, the nearest port to Rome in this glamorous Mediterranean Dream Europe cruise. Spanning over 12 nights, this Europe cruise gives you the chance to visit some of the most fascinating, historically and culturally rich towns of Europe, especially Greece before returning to Italy.

Day to Day Itinerary:

Day 1: Sail from Venice, Italy

This 12 Nights Mediterranean Dream Europe Cruise sets sail from the port at Venice today.

Time of Departure: 04:00 PM

Day 2: At Sea

The cruise ship will be at sea for the entire day, making its way through the Adriatic Sea to Albania. Cruise passengers can make the most of the day, exploring the many pleasures of the cruise ship, interacting with fellow passengers and revelling in the luxury of the ship.

Day 3: Arrive at Sarande, Albania

Today, we arrive at Sarande, Albania, a seaside town long overlooked because of the country's political isolation from the rest of Europe. Sign up on shore excursions such as an Archaeological Albania tour to explore this once-ancient city; visit the Himara Village Highlights; or sign up for a tour of Saranda, Lekuresi Castle & the Blue Eye National Park.

Time of Arrival: 08:00 AM
Time of Departure: 05:00 PM

Day 4: Arrive at Argostoli, Cephalonia, Greece

On this day, we arrive at Argostoli, Cephalonia, Greece - our first port on call of the famous Greek islands. The largest island in the Ionian Sea, Cephalonia is renowned for its exotic blend of gorgeous beaches, crumbling castles and secluded monasteries - all topped by warm Greek hospitality.

Explore and experience the many treasures of Cephalonia with a Cephalonia Highlights tour or sign up for an excursion to the Melissani Lake & Drogarati Cave, two of the most outstanding natural creations in the island of Cephalonia.

Time of Arrival: 08:00 AM
Time of Departure: 06:00 PM

Day 5: Arrive at Katakolon (Olympia), Greece

Today, our cruise ship docks at the port of Katakolon, the gateway to Olympia and many other Peloponnese delights. Revel in the magnificence of this Greek Island and experience its many offerings with any one of our carefully planned shore excursions.

Enjoy excursions to Ancient Olympia and club it with a visit to Mercouri's Vineyards for a tour and wine-tasting session; check out the many treasures of the region displayed at the Museum; or end your Ancient Olympia tour with traditional Greek lunch, coupled with Greek music and Zorba dancing.

Alternatively, sign up for a traditional Greek hospitality experience with a Magna Grecia Farm Visit that includes a tour of the farm, a great Greek lunch and a Syrtaki Dance performance.

Time of Arrival: 08:00 AM
Time of Departure: 04:00 PM

Day 6: Arrive at Nafplion, Greece

Today, the cruise ship takes us to one of the most beautiful towns in the eastern Peloponnese - Nafplion. The town is also the gateway to the Temple of Apollo in the ancient City of Corinth.

Sign up for shore excursions such as a Tour of Ancient Corinth and Corinth Canal; Ancient Corinth & Mycenae Tour or skip Ancient Corinth and head to the formidable Palamidi Castle after a tour of Ancient Mycenae.

Time of Arrival: 08:00 AM
Time of Departure: 06:00 PM

Day 7: Arrive at Piraeus (Athens), Greece

The next port on call on this Europe cruise is Piraeus, the gateway to the ancient city of Athens. The cruise ship will remain docked at Piraeus for two days, giving cruise passengers plenty of time and opportunity to tour Athens and its many archaeological treasures.

Explore Athens to your heart's content with shore excursions such as The Best of Athens or the Athens & the Acropolis Tour.

The next day, embark on a tour of Ancient Agora and Plaka, the historical centre and Old Town of Athens; the tour ends with a sampling of Greek Mezedes and ouzo liqueur in a local restaurant.

Time of Arrival: 08:00 AM

Day 8: Explore Piraeus (Athens), Greece

Today is one more day at Athens; cruise passengers can either enjoy shore excursions or relax in the ship.

Time of Departure: 05:00 PM

Day 9: Arrive at Mykonos, Greece

Today, we arrive at Mykonos, one of the most visited Greek Islands. Enjoy a shore excursion to Mythological Delos or explore Mykonos Island with a panoramic tour.

Time of Arrival: 08:00 AM
Time of Departure: 06:00 PM

Day 10: Arrive at Thira (Santorini), Greece

Brace yourself for some of the most enchanting views as the cruise ship makes its way towards Thira (Santorini). Born out of an island that sunk in the middle after a volcanic eruption, Santorini delights in every possible way.

Discover the Ancient City of Akrotiri, the village that was destroyed by the volcano. Visit the antiquities of Akrotiri and enjoy a tour of the Nomikos Museum. Alternatively, embark on an exploratory tour of the Hidden Villages of Santorini; Visit the Oia Village, Sigalas Wineries & Nomikos Foundation; or experience the Essence of Santorini with a tour that includes free time to wander along the cobblestone lanes of Oia and a visit to Kamari, a black sand beach.

Other shore excursions from Thira include a Tour to Mountain of Prophet Elias & Oia Village and a Panoramic Santorini Tour.

Time of Arrival: 08:00 AM
Time of Departure: 05:00 PM

Day 11: At Sea

Enjoy the break onboard the cruise ship; the ship will be at sea for the entire day, leaving behind the Greek Islands and making its way back to Italy.

Day 12: Arrive at Naples (Pompeii), Italy

Today, we arrive at the last port of call on this Mediterranean Dream Europe Cruise - Naples. The most colourful and seductive of all Italian cities and the gateway to notable attractions such as the Roman ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum, the enchanting Amalfi Coast and Sorrento, Naples offers a fitting finale to our Mediterranean Dream Europe cruise.

Once docked, guests can embark on shore excursions and make the most of their day in the region. Visit the Pompeii Ruins or Ancient Herculaneum; see the Volcano that did it all with an Exclusive Mt Vesuvius Tour; club your visit to Pompeii with a tour of Sorrento for a shopping extravaganza; or skip the ruins and set straight to the Amalfi Coast and fill your hearts with the outstanding vistas.

Time of Arrival: 08:00 AM
Time of Departure: 06:00 PM

Day 13: Arrive at Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy

The 12 Night Mediterranean Dream Europe Cruise ends today with the ship's arrival at the Port of Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy. Disembark with happy memories of your Europe cruise and a promise to self to return for more.

Time of Arrival: 07:00 AM

Prices :

Ship Name Departures Embark Port Disembark Port Starts @ (USD) Route
Interior Ocean-view
ms Westerdam 23 May; 10 Jul; 14 Oct Venice, Italy Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy 1999 2199 Argostoli, Cephalonia, Greece; Katakolon (Olympia), Greece; Nafplion, Greece; Piraeus (Athens), Greece; Mykonos, Greece; Kusadasi (Ephesus), Turkey; Thira (Santorini), Greece; Naples (Pompeii), Italy

Dining & Onboard Activities

Dining onboard MS Westerdam:

Cruise passengers on the Mediterranean Dream Europe Cruise have a fine time onboard the MS Westerdam with its fine balance of casual and formal dining venues and an array of recreational facilities.

The Main Dining Room, Vista, opens daily for breakfast and dinner, and on days, when the cruise ship is entirely at sea, it opens for lunch as well. While Breakfast and Lunch are open-seating affairs, guests can choose between traditional fixed-seating or open seating for dinner. Dinner is a three-course affair, with starters, soups and salads grouped together in the entrée. Guests may order dishes from all three and as many as they require.

A casual dining alternative is the Lido Buffet, generally located near the pool on most Holland America cruise ships. The Lido Buffet Restaurant is open for Breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night snacks. For late night snacks, Lido is open until 11:30 PM.

Dive-in at the Terrace Grill and Explorations Café are other great alternatives for guests.

In addition to these, guests on board the MS Westerdam can enjoy dining at the Pinnacle Grill and/or Canaletto - two dining venues, where guests need to pay to dine. The Pinnacle Grill fine dining establishment requires a reservation and a $10 fee per person for lunch / dinner.

One night on each cruise, guests get their own An Evening at Le Cirque experience on board the MS Westerdam. Reservations and a $49 fee per person are required. Wine is extra.

Canaletto, on the other hand, is a casual eatery with a $15 fee, reservations requirement and an Italian menu.

In-room dining is also available for no extra charge.

Recreational Facilities onboard MS Westerdam

Greenhouse Spa & Salon

Hydro Pool

Fitness Centre

Culinary Arts Centre

Digital Workshop


Vista Show Lounge

Explorations Café

Club HAL

The Loft

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