With as many as 3 days dedicated to just scenic cruising, this 7-nights Round-trip Vancouver to Alaska cruise is one of the most relaxing Alaska cruises offered by Holland America. Sign up for this cruise if you are not keen on port visits and shore excursions on every single day of your cruise.
Sit back and just relax on the upper deck or your balcony as the cruise ship gently floats past some of the most scenic sights of Alaska, bringing into sight ice bergs and ice shelves, Alaskan wildlife such as bears and seals, humpback whales and bald eagles and much more.

Day to Day Itinerary:

Day 1: Set sail from Vancouver, B.C., Canada

This 7-nights Round-trip Alaska cruise sets sail from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada today. Arrive on time to board the cruise ship.

Time of Departure: 04:30 PM

Day 2: Scenic Cruising the Inside Passage

Today, the cruise ship will sail through the Inside Passage, weaving in and around the islands scattered just off the mainland, separating it from the main Pacific Ocean waters.

Enjoy the scenic vistas as you sunbathe by the poolside, from the vantage point of the upper deck or the comfort of your balcony. Arguably one of the greatest cruising routes in the world, the Inside Passage offers opportunities to spot some of region’s most iconic wildlife such as humpback whales and orcas.

Day 3: Cruise Trace Arm Inlet - Arrive at Juneau, Alaska

Today, we arrive at the mouth of the Tracy Arm Fjord, an Alaskan fjord characterized by glacier-covered mountains, majestic cliffs and plunging waterfalls on either sides. For a truly immersive experience of the Tracy Arm fjord, sign up for the Tracy Arm Fjord & Glacier Explorer cruise, that sees you transfer from the cruise ship, directly to a waiting, high-speed catamaran.

Settle inside the luxurious, heated cabins and cruise to the inner reaches of Tracy Arm, past mighty cliffs and right through a waterfall. Return to the cruise ship in a short while; the cruise ship will now continue on its way to Juneau, the first port on call on this round-trip Alaska cruise.

The remotest, most beautiful and strangest state capital in the United States, Juneau is the ultimate destination for adventure, wilderness and an Alaskan experience.

There are no dearth of shore excursions options from Juneau; enjoy a zip lining adventure; set out on a sensational encounter with Alaska's Whales, Glaciers and Rain Forest Trails; or enjoy the Best of Juneau! with a Whale Watching Quest and a visit to the Mendenhall Glacier & Orca Point Lodge. Set on a Cruise with Purpose Adventure onboard a fully-permitted research vessel to Discover Alaska's Whales; embark on a Dog Sledding Adventure by Helicopter; or join a Five Glacier Seaplane Exploration tour.

Guests keen on relaxation can set out on a Gold Panning Adventure & an Alaska Salmon Bake experience; enjoy a Grand Tour of Juneau: Mendenhall Glacier, Hatchery & Glacier Gardens; or hop on to the Mount Roberts Tramway for one of the most scenic and culturally-enriching drives inland.

Guests can also sign up for excursions that solely focus on the Mendenhall Glacier: such as the Mendenhall Glacier & Whale Quest Tour; Mendenhall Glacier by Helicopter & Guided Walk; Mendenhall Glacier Guide's Choice Hike; Mendenhall Lake Native Canoe Adventure; Mendenhall River Float Trip and the Whales & Mendenhall Glacier Photo Safari.

Experience Alaskan life with a Sled Dog Discovery & Musher's Camp Tour; Taku & Norris Glacier Adventure by Helicopter With Landing that includes walking on the Alaskan Glaciers; and the Taku Glacier Lodge, Feast & Five Glacier Seaplane Discovery Tour.

Note: Wear warm clothing for this segment of your Alaska cruise and don’t forget waterproof gear: more than a meter and a half of rain falls in the Tracy Arm region each year!

Time of Arrival: 10:00 AM

Time of Departure: 10:00 PM

Day 4: Arrive at Skagway, Alaska

Today, we arrive at Skagway, once the primary gateway to the legendary gold fields of Alaska and now a reinvigorated window to Alaska’s colourful history, pristine wildlife and unrivalled natural beauty.

Choose your shore excursions with care - and make the most of it! Experience the rich history and culture of Skagway with the Best of Skagway Tour or a Skagway Street Car City Tour; revel in its beauty with a Chilkoot Hike and a scenic Float ride; or for a mature, adults-only experience, sign up for a Ghosts & Goodtime Girls Walking Tour, which includes a visit to the the world-famous Red Onion Saloon's restored Brothel Museum.

More adventurous guests can set out on a Glacier Discovery Tour by Helicopter - fly to a glacier and enjoy a walking tour over the surface of the glacier; or enjoy a Glacier Point Wilderness Safari for encounters of a kind with whales, seals, sea lions, and cascading waterfalls, a 31-foot voyager canoe ride to the Glacier Point and a picnic lunch at a sand and pebble beach.

Take an unforgettable round trip journey aboard the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad; add to its Gold Camp Adventure or a Bike ride downhill to the sea; or sign up for the Golden Glassblowing Experience, a unique shore excursion where you can learn the ancient art of working with molten glass.

Time of Arrival: 07:00 AM
Time of Departure: 09:00 PM

Day 5: Scenic Cruising through Glacier Bay

Today, we arrive at the Glacier Bay; rise early and pick a good spot on the deck, for today, you will witness some of the most enthralling acts of nature and stunning vistas.

As the cruise ship navigates through the Glacier Bay, you will be greeted by the sight of ice shelves; witness the process of ice calving, the process in which monumental pieces of ice break off the shelf, sending ice water splashing hundreds of feet up in the air.

Scan the coastline for signs of vegetation and sights of bears; check out the humpback whales in the waters surrounding you; and simply enjoy the scenic vistas of one of Alaska's most pristine areas.

Time of Arrival: 07:00 AM
Time of Departure: 04:00 PM

Day 6: Arrive at Ketchikan, Alaska

Flanked by green forests nurtured by abundant rain and the Tongass Narrows fronting it, Ketchikan offers visiting cruise guests some of the most iconic Alaskan experiences ever. Explore the surrounding Alaska Rain Forest Sanctuary, and visit the Raptor Centre & Totems on a guided nature hike; immerse yourself on a Ketchikan's Cultural Discovery experience; sign up for zip-lining and rappelling on a Bear Creek Zip-Line Adventure.

Discover Ketchikan's role as a major salmon-fishing and packing hub with a Bering Sea Crab Fisherman's Tour - a tour that places you right alongside seasoned fishermen pulling in their haul. See the many marine life pulled in once they find their new home in the on-board aquarium. Alternatively, dive into the deep seas for an Alaskan Mountain Point Snorkelling Adventure and see them live, in their natural habitat.

Set out on a Back-country Zodiac coastal Expedition onboard motorized inflatables; see the Magnificent Misty Fjords by Floatplane or by Wilderness Explorer; enjoy a Neets Bay Bear Watch experience by Floatplane; or explore the Eagle Islands Sea Kayak.

Connoisseurs of good food and anyone wishing for just a great time can simply opt for an Exclusive Mountaintop Flightseeing experience & a Crab Feast.

Make the most of today, for Ketchikan is the last port on call on this Alaska cruise. The cruise ship will embark on its return journey to Vancouver tonight.

Time of Arrival: 10:00 AM
Time of Departure: 06:00 PM

Day 7: Scenic Cruising the Inside Passage

Today, the cruise ship arrives back at the Inside Passage; head towards the deck for the parting views of this great region or simply enjoy the many pleasures of your cruise ship.

Day 8: Arrive and disembark at Vancouver, Canada

This Alaska cruise ends today with the ship's arrival at Vancouver. Disembark with happy memories of your Round-trip Alaska Cruise from Vancouver.

Time of Arrival: 07:00 AM

Prices :

Ship Name Departures Embark Port Disembark Port Starts @ (USD) Route
Interior Ocean-view
MS Nieuw Amsterdam 29 April - 23 September (every Saturday) Vancouver, B.C., CA Vancouver, B.C., CA 799 999 Scenic cruising The Inside Passage; Tracy Arm Inlet, Alaska, US; Juneau, Alaska, US; Skagway, Alaska, US; Cruising Glacier Bay; Ketchikan, Alaska, US; Scenic cruising The Inside Passage
MS Volendam 10 May - 20 September (every Wednesday) Vancouver, B.C., CA Vancouver, B.C., CA 799 999 Scenic cruising The Inside Passage; Tracy Arm Inlet, Alaska, US; Juneau, Alaska, US; Skagway, Alaska, US; Cruising Glacier Bay; Ketchikan, Alaska, US; Scenic cruising The Inside Passage
MS Noordam 30 Apr - 14 May (Sunday) Vancouver, B.C., CA Vancouver, B.C., CA 799 999 Scenic cruising The Inside Passage; Tracy Arm Inlet, Alaska, US; Juneau, Alaska, US; Skagway, Alaska, US; Cruising Glacier Bay; Ketchikan, Alaska, US; Scenic cruising The Inside Passage
MS Zaandam 17 September (Sunday) Vancouver, B.C., CA Vancouver, B.C., CA 799 1199 Scenic cruising The Inside Passage; Tracy Arm Inlet, Alaska, US; Juneau, Alaska, US; Skagway, Alaska, US; Cruising Glacier Bay; Ketchikan, Alaska, US; Scenic cruising The Inside Passage

Dining & Onboard Activities

Dining onboard MS Rotterdam:

Guests opting to sail on the MS Nieuw Amsterdam benefit from one of the most diverse dining options on the Holland America fleet. Guests can opt to dine at the Main Dining Room, the Manhattan Dining Room, which is open daily for breakfast and dinner and sometimes for lunch.

For breakfast, Dutch, Scandinavian, Japanese and English breakfast dishes are served along with the usual dishes. For dinner, MS Nieuw Amsterdam offers guests the flexibility of Holland America's As you Wish Seating plan, which means guests can choose between an open-seating deck and a traditional-set-seating deck. Either way, the food is great and the experience note-worthy, with as many as 22 dishes including 10 entrées and the option of a vegetarian-only menu as well.

In addition to the Main Dining Room, MS Nieuw Amsterdam offers Lido - a poolside Buffet restaurant that is open for breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. The Terrace Grill is a great option for lunch and mid-meal snacks; fancy a pizza, head to the Slice, which is open from 11:30 AM and stays open well into midnight.

A great dining experience awaits at the Pinnacle Grill, a signature restaurant serving lunch and dinner; reservations are mandatory here. Guests cruising the MS Nieuw Amsterdam can also experience the delight of dining at the Le Cirque while on the ship; the Pinnacle Grill takes on the persona, ambience and tastes of this renowned restaurant once a week.

Other dining venues onboard the MS Nieuw Amsterdam include the Pan-Asian Tamarind, Italian-speciality Canaletto and the Master Chef's Table, which is held on select nights and offers a seven-course exclusive dinner. Reservations are mandatory for the Master Chef's Table and Tamarind; at Canaletto, reservation is not mandatory, however, it is recommended.

Recreational Facilities onboard MS Nieuw Amsterdam

Greenhouse Spa & Salon

Thermal Spa

Hydro Pool

Massage Tables

Fitness Centre

Digital Workshop


Lido Pool

Cabana Club

The Showroom at Sea

Merabella Luxury Boutique

Explorations Café

Club HAL

The Loft

Dining onboard MS Volendam:

Guests sailing on the MS Volendam to explore Alaska enjoy some unique dining experiences onboard. In addition to the usual dining venues, MS Volendam is home to an Indonesian-themed midnight snack buffet and a salmon bake once on each Alaska cruise.

Guests can dine at the Main Dining Room, the Rotterdam Dining Room, which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with an excellent menu including a 22-dish vegetarian-only menu. The Lido poolside restaurant is open for all meals and offers a crew-served buffet setting.

Canaletto is the Italian dining option available onboard and is open for lunch and dinner. Enjoy a signature dining experience at the Pinnacle Grill, which also transforms into the famous Manhattan restaurant - Le Cirque, once every week. Le Cirque has limited seats and hence, guests are advised, to make their reservations well in advance.

Mid-meal snacks and beverages are best enjoyed at the Explorations Café.

Recreational Facilities onboard MS Volendam

Thermal Suite

Fitness Centre

Lido Pool

Frans Hals Show Lounge

Explorations Café

Dining onboard MS Noordam:

Guests on the MS Noordam Alaska Cruise (7-night Round-trip Alaska Vancouver Cruise) have everything that they might require onboard. A whole day at sea, right at the start of the cruise, ensures that you have plenty of time to explore the many offerings on board the cruise ship, and relax and enjoy them.

Enjoy exemplary dining experiences on board; at the Vista Dining Room, where you dress for dinner and dine on multi-course meals prepared by some of the finest cooks; at the poolside buffet Lido, where you can relax and enjoy sumptuous breakfasts and lunches; or at the Explorations Café, which is always ready with an appetizing snack.

Recreational Facilities onboard MS Noordam

B.K.King's Blue's Club

Greenhouse Spa & Salon

Thermal Suite

Hydro Pool

Fitness Centre

Culinary Arts Centre

Digital Workshop

Lido Pool

Vista Show Lounge

Luxury Boutique

Art Gallery

Dining onboard MS Zaandam:

MS Zaandam is a cruise ship designed to offer more space per passenger; its passenger capacity is less, and it dedicates the extra space and privileges to its guests.

In terms of dining, onboard the MS Zaandam, guests enjoy multiple culinary experiences, ranging from the down-right formal multi-cuisine dinners, which require a dress code for attendance, to the casual poolside barbecue lunches!

Dine at the Main Dining Room, where a 5-course dinner with delicacies from across the world await your sampling; head to Tamarind for a taste of Asian exotic flavours; go Italian at Canaletto; or enjoy casual poolside lunches at the Terrace Grill. In-room dining is available as well, and is just a call away.

In addition to these, guests can enjoy access to luxurious lounges across the ship, where they can mingle with other guests and enjoy pre-dinner cocktails.

Recreational Facilities onboard MS Zaandam

B.K.King's Blue's Club

Greenhouse Spa & Salon

Fitness Centre

Culinary Arts Centre


Lido Pool

Mondriaan Show Lounge

Explorations Café

Club HAL

Club HAL Gameroom

The Loft

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