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The Legends of Krishna Pilgrimage Tour is a 5 Nights, 6 Days pilgrimage tour of North India and is designed to cover all the important sites related to Lord Krishna. Visit the birthplace of Lord Krishna - Mathura and pray at its most important temples including the Krishna Janmaboomi Temple, which stands on the very spot where Lord Krishna was born. We will also visit Vrindavan and make a trip to the Govardhan Parvat / Hill for a Govardhan Parikrama.

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Note: This tour avoids the sites and temples that have been known to forcibly extract thousands of rupees from devotees in the name of donations.

Legends of Krishna Pilgrimage Tour

Day 01 : Arrival at Delhi - Visit Krishna Temples in Delhi

The Legends of Krishna Pilgrimage Tour begins with your arrival at Delhi Airport. A Jetways representative will receive you and escort you to the pre-booked hotel for check-in. After refreshing ourselves, we will set out to visit the famous Krishna Temples in Delhi, namely the ISCKON Temple in Delhi and the Birla Mandir. En-route, we will stop at India Gate and Rashtrapati Bhavan for photo-ops.

If time permits, we can also visit other attractions of Delhi such as Lotus Temple and the Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum.

Overnight in Delhi

Day 02 : Road Trip to Vrindavan - Visit Krishna Temples in Vrindavan - Thereon to Mathura

Day 2 of this Legends of Krishna Pilgrimage Tour is dedicated to visiting the famous Krishna temples in Vrindavan. As the place where Lord Krishna spent much of his childhood days, Vrindavan is one of the top pilgrimage spots for Hindus and has many temples dedicated to Lord Krishna and Radha.

We will proceed to Vrindavan from Delhi early in the morning.

On arrival at Vrindavan, our first stop will be at the famous Banke Bihari Temple. As per popular belief, the idol of Banke Bihari at this temple appeared after Swami Haridas Ji was blessed by the appearance of Lord Krishna and Radha. Their combined divine beauty was so great that it blinded the rest of the disciples, seeing which, Swami Haridas Ji requested the Lord to merge with his consort to form a single form.

The merging of the dark Lord Krishna and his fair consort resulted in the image of Banke Bihari and this very idol is placed in the inner sanctum of the Banke Bihari temple in Vrindavan. Even this idol has such beauty, especially in its eyes, that the curtain is pulled to block the view every few minutes, to prevent the loss of consciousness of disciples visiting and praying at the temple. Due to this, Banke Bihari Temple is believed to be one of the holiest temples of Vrindavan.

The next stop on this pilgrimage tour will be at the Radha Dhamodar Mandir, which is renowned for having the imprint of Lord Krishna's Lotus feet, his stick, flute and the foot print of a cow. We will also visit the Govind Dev Ji Temple and the ISCKON Vrindavan Temple, which is also popularly known as Krishna Balaram Mandir.

We will also visit the Prem Mandir, where technology has been used to depict scenes from the life of Lord Krishna - such as his dancing atop the Naga and the lifting of Govardhan Parvat. While these depictions are colourful and are on the outskirts, the inner portion of the temple is a beautiful combination of marble, frescos and carvings, and inlaid glass.

Later, we will continue on our way to Mathura, the birthplace of Lord Krishna. Check in at pre-booked hotel for the night.

Overnight in Mathura

Day 03 : Visit Govardhan Giriraj Temple - Govardhan Hill Parikrama

Day 3 of this Krishna pilgrimage tour is a very important day as today, we will embark on the Govardhan Parikrama. It is a 23 km walk and can take as much as 6 hours if walking briskly. An alternative way is to do the parikrama by car / auto rickshaw - which is quicker and easier. It is also an acceptable way of doing the parikrama.

Govardhan Hill is famous as the hill that Lord Krishna lifted on his little finger to protect the people of his village from the wrath of the Rain God - Indra. On the behest of Lord Krishna, the people of Govardhan had discontinued their prayers and offerings to Lord Indra to ensure rain. He had advised them to just do their duty towards the land. Angered, Indra directed his wrath towards the people by lashing them with endless rain for 7 days & nights.

Lord Krishna held high the Govardhan hill on his little finger and protected the people until Indra bowed in defeat and accepted Lord Krishna as a higher authority. The event marked a turning point in Hinduism and resulted in a more spiritual outlook with focus on an individual's karma rather than the usual prayers and offerings to the various devas of Hinduism.

We will visit the Govardhan Giriraj Temple located at the starting point of the Govardhan Hill Parikrama Route and then set out on the Govardhan Hill Parikrama. This parikrama is a major highlight of this Krishna pilgrimage tour.

Later, we will return to Mathura.

Overnight in Mathura

Day 04 : Visit famous Krishna Temples in Mathura

On Day 4 of this Krishna pilgrimage tour, we will visit the most important temples of Mathura. As the birthplace of Lord Krishna, Mathura has a very high significance in the Hindu pilgrimage circuit, especially for devotees of Lord Krishna and Vishnu.

Our first stop will be at the Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple Complex - a vast area built to honour the place where Lord Krishna was born. The main temple has been built over the prison where Lord Krishna was born to Sri Vasudeva and Yasodha Matha. A major highlight of our pilgrimage tour to the Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple will be a visit to the Garbha Griha Shrine which has the exact marble slab on which Lord Krishna was born.

We will also visit the Pothra Pond where Lord Krishna's parents washed their clothes while in prison and the Shrimad Bhagvata Bhawan, where there is a six-feet idol of Radha and Krishna. The temple also has idols of Rama, another incarnation of Krishna, and has the Bhagwad Gita engraved on copper plates.

Our Krishna pilgrimage tour will now take us to the Shri Dwarkadheesh Temple Mathura, one of the largest and oldest temple complexes in Mathura dedicated to Lord Krishna. In the evening, we can visit the Vishram Ghat for the Evening Ganga Aarti. Vishram Ghat is the ghat where Lord Krishna rested after defeating Kansa.

Overnight in Mathura

Day 05 : Road Trip to Agra - Sightseeing Tour of Agra

Embark on the road trip to Agra; on arrival, proceed directly on a Sightseeing Tour of Agra, visiting the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort.

Later, we will check-in at a pre-booked hotel and relax for the rest of the day.

Overnight in Agra

Day 06 : Flight back home

Proceed to the Airport in time for your flight back home or return to Delhi by road with happy memories of your Legends of Krishna Pilgrimage Tour with JetwaysHolidays.com

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   Visit Krishna Temples in Delhi

   Visit Krishna Temples in Vrindavan

   Visit Govardhan Giriraj Temple

   Govardhan Hill Parikrama

   Visit Krishna Temples in Mathura

   Sightseeing Tour of Agra


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