Ramayana Tours

Ramayana Tours in Sri Lanka are a recent addition to the tourism circuit and are just what any person fascinated with the legendary epic of Ramayana needs.

With the airing of Siya ke Ram, the interest in Ramayana has picked up again and now you can actually visit the very places in Sri Lanka where Ramayana took place.

Our specially designed Ramayana Tours take you across sites related to Ramayana - right from the time Hanuman ji sets foot in Lanka and until the time, Prince Rama departs from Lanka after rescuing his wife Princess Sita from the clutches of the Demon King Ravana.

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Our Ramayana tours visit the following Ramayana related sites

Munneswaram Temple on The Ramayana Tour

As per legendary beliefs, the Munneswaram Temple pre-dates the Ramayana era. It is one of the Pancha Ishwarams, i.e. the five ancient temples dedicated to Lord Shiva in the region. Lord Rama stopped here to perform pooja as a penance for having killed Ravana in battle.

Despite his many faults, Ravana was a brahmin and killing a brahmin was considered a big sin. Hence, Lord Rama performed the pooja before leaving Lanka with his consort Sita by his side.

Manaveri Temple on The Ramayana Tour

Lord Rama had to install four lingams to free himself from the Brahmana Dosham and completely absolve himself of the sins of killing a brahmin. The first lingam he installed is at the Manaveri Temple; as this lingam was installed by Lord Rama himself, it is known as the Ramalinga Shivan.

Koneswaram Temple on The Ramayana Tour

As per legend, the Koneswaram temple, like the Munneswaram temple, pre-dates the Ramayana era. According to legend, this temple was frequented by the Demon King Ravana along with his mother to worship Lord Shiva.

The lingam here was initially installed by Ravana himself, who got it from Mount Kailash, the abode of Lord Shiva. Made of quartz, the Swayambhu lingam, as it is known as, is beautifully transparent and needs a light source behind it to be visible. Temple lamps are hence kept right behind the Swayambhu lingam.

The original temple was destroyed by Portuguese invaders in the mid 17th Century; however, locals of the time, buried many of the temple's artefacts in the adjoining ocean as well as their backyards. The Swayambhu lingam was recently excavated from the ocean and has been installed on its rightful place.

The temple from its perch atop a cliff offers exquisite views of the surrounding Indian Ocean and the Gokarna Bay.

Ramboda Hanuman Temple on The Ramayana Tour

Ramboda was one of the places where Hanuman ji stopped while searching for the abducted Princess Sita. The site now has a temple with a 16-feet tall statue of Hanuman ji as the presiding deity. Built and managed by the Chinmaya Mission of Sri Lanka, this temple is one of the few temples dedicated to Hanuman ji in Sri Lanka.

Sita Amman Temple on The Ramayana Tour

The Sita Amman Temple marks the spot where Sita spent her time in captivity, the place where Hanuman ji successfully found Princess Sita and assured her of freedom in a short time.

The site has been marked by a small temple dedicated to Princess Sita. Statues and murals of the Ramayana - related events that occurred here adorn the walls and grounds of the temple.

Nearby is a stream, where it is believed that Sita bathed while in captivity. Footprints of diverse sizes can be seen embedded in the rocks near the stream. They are believed to belong to Hanuman, who landed here and assumed different sizes before and after meeting the abducted Princess Sita.

Ashok Vatika on The Ramayana Tour

The Ashok Vatika was the beautiful garden, where Sita lived while in captivity. Once flourishing and in full bloom, the garden was destroyed by Hanuman ji. Now only a part of it remains and much of it is in the Hakgala Botanical Garden on the outskirts of Nuwara Eliya.

The site of the Sita Amman Temple was once a part of the Ashok Vatika.