Travel Guide for Jaisalmer

This Travel Guide for Jaisalmer introduces you to a city that enthrals the senses of the most seasoned travellers!

There is so much to see, do and experience here, that one can get quite bewildered. This travel guide to Jaisalmer holiday tours will come quite handy in ensuring that your tour itinerary has all the places to visit in Jaisalmer that you wish to visit, as well as that sprinkling of Special Experiences in Jaisalmer that is required to make some wonderful memories of your holiday tour.

For example, get to know about how to visit and experience the magic of the dunes and dunes of golden sand, beautifully-built honey-hued sandstone structures and trains of heavily ornamented camels that greet visitors on a Jaisalmer holiday tour.

You can also find out more about the locals of Jaisalmer, whose colourful attire, welcoming air, grinning faces and exotic decorations of their households adds to their charm by planning your holiday around the best fairs and festivals of Jaisalmer.

This Travel guide for Jaisalmer also guides you on the top hotels in Jaisalmer that you can book for your holiday tour. Base your Jaisalmer holiday tour in a traditional haveli, opt for the luxury of a seven-star hotel or do it the gypsy way with a stint in a tent - right in the middle of a desert. (Psst: these tents are usually luxurious in their own way, with en-suite living rooms and bathrooms.)

Read this Travel Guide for Jaisalmer to discover the special experiences in Jaisalmer, hotels, and places to visit that can make your Jaisalmer holiday tour with an unforgettable feature of your life.

Did you know?

    • With the only desert in the country, Jaisalmer tops the club of unique destinations in India.
    • Jaisalmer is one of the hill forts and UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Rajasthan.
    • Jaisalmer is also referred to as the Golden City of India, as most of its buildings are built with yellow sand and yellow sandstone, giving them a golden-hue.
    • The Jaisalmer District is the largest district in India and shares a 471 km long international border with Pakistan.
    • Jaisalmer Fort is listed amongst the Largest Fortifications in the World.